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Swift, Secure, and Seamless: Ensuring Your Package Arrives At Your Doorstep The Very Same Day You Order.

“From our very first delivery, ‘All Rush’ has been driven by a single promise: to bridge distances with speed and reliability. Every package is a commitment, every delivery, a bond.”

Justin Brand

Justin Brand

CEO of

We’ve been delivering for over 27 years across Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Lake Country, Oyama, Coldstream, Vernon.

For nearly three decades, ‘All Rush’ has been the trusted courier partner for residents and businesses across the heart of British Columbia.  Our deep-rooted presence across these territories reflects not just our expansive reach, but also the enduring trust our clients have placed in us

Embracing technology, enhanching people's lives

Our B2B services ensure same-day delivery of parcels and essential goods, streamlining operations for enterprises. For our individual customers, we bring products and various goods right to your doorstep, the same day. Never miss a medication with our specialized pharmacy prescription delivery, and for larger operations, our regional facility-to-facility mail distribution ensures seamless communication. If you’re up against the clock, our Hotshot direct delivery service is tailored for those ultra time-sensitive materials, whether you’re in town or beyond. Entrust ‘All Rush’ for timely precision every time.

Supercharging Businesses

Empowering and elevating local enterprises with unmatched delivery speed and reliability. Let us help you reach your customers today.

Our Solutions

At ‘All Rush’, we’ve redefined the essence of speed and reliability, catering to both businesses and individual customers with equal dedication.


Streamlining business operations with timely and dependable B2B parcel deliveries.


Bringing the world to your doorstep with swift and secure B2C parcel deliveries.


Ensuring health and wellness are never delayed with our prompt pharmacy prescription deliveries.


Connecting infrastructures seamlessly with our efficient regional facility-to-facility deliveries.


When every second counts, rely on our Hotshot Deliveries for lightning-fast, instant dispatches.


Tailoring solutions for all your unique needs, no delivery requirement is too niche for us.

Get It Delivered Now!

Why wait? With ‘All Rush’, experience unmatched speed and precision tailored for every delivery need. From personal packages to business essentials, let us be your go-to solution for timeliness and trust.